artist: windimoto
photo: allison glenn
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What is Windimoto? In the most rudimentary sense of the word, it’s the unification of two cities, one Windy and one Motor. Scratch the surface though, and you’ll find that it’s the unification of a few more things – upbringings, musical tastes, and a drive to push dance music as far as it can go; from the Midwest to the US coasts and beyond. Detroit-born dance music producer Scorpeze and Chicago House DJ Sean Haley met one another in the fall of 2005 and quickly came to find that their similar tastes in music, when shared, could equal more than the sum of the two separate parts.

For Haley, growing up in Chicago in the 1980s is something that he credits for his taste in music today. “Growing up here during the 80’s was unbelievable. To see House grow and expand so quickly was amazing”, he says. “I was fortunate enough to see and hear a lot of the legendary DJ’s that people in other parts of the world have only read about”. These DJs he speaks of were Ron Hardy, Steve Hurley, Larry Heard and Frankie Knuckles, the likes of which helped shape and mold House music into what it is today.

For Scorpeze, growing up in Detroit, he soaked up Jazz from his father, Soul and Funk from his uncle, and contemporary Club music from his sister, rounding out a pretty eclectic source of influences. “In those times, all of those Black musics were crossing paths anyway”. Honing his craft on a variety of instruments and electronic equipment, he produced for local hip hop groups in the Detroit area before moving to California where he further developed his chops.

After moving from California to Chicago, Scorpeze crossed paths with Haley and Windimoto was born. The Midwest duo speak less about the sound of their music and more about the direction. Haley shares: “If you can conceive it, you will hear it. Windimoto embraces change. It’s a constant evolution of sound.” And that evolution starts now.

With “Don’t Let Me Leave Alone” and “A Place For Us”, the Windimoto age begins.

Windimoto is here.