FEATURED ARTIST: dawin meckel

artist: dawin meckel
tshirt: demographics
photo: nicole welgen

Dawin Meckel is a German photographer and member of OSTKREUZ, a renowned Berlin-based collective of photographers. Founded in 1990, the year of the German reunification, by seven East-German photographers, OSTKREUZ today represents 17 members. Mainly focusing on documentary photography, they do commissions for international magazines as well as free projects throughout the world. On the occasion of the agency's 20th anniversary in 2010, OSTKREUZ is currently doing a project on cities worldwide which will be exhibited in C/O Berlin - International Forum for Visual Dialogues in spring next year.

Dawin Meckel decided to do his part on one of the world's many so-called shrinking cities and thus came to Detroit in April 2009. During his stay he got to know and portrayed many representatives of the city's hip hop scene like K-Fresh, Finale and DJ Sicari and remained impressed by its liveliness and the strong connection among the artists. His first stay in the United States had been of a rather different kind: In 2005 he was commissioned to document the life of gold diggers in the wilderness of Alaska, one of his first and most exciting jobs. He has worked in Africa, Asia, Central America and throughout Europe ever since.


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