artist: dj sicari
photo: brian d.
t-shirt: 313 aka 3:3

Born in Detroit and raised in San Diego, Sicari was introduced to Hip-Hop by Dj Charlie Rock and other West Coast Rock Steady members. He first expressed his love for the culture as a b-boy in Cali. Sicari moved back to Detroit in 94, landed a job at the Hip-Hop Shop, and later became a member Hardcore Detroit Breakin Crew.

Sicari later took an interest in the dj element of Hip-Hop. Starting in college, he has been constructing dj sets and competing in dj battles since 1996. Winning his first major dj battle (Hawaii) in 1999 and spinning b-boy battles, the now turntablist Sicari has proven to be a master of the two elements.

Today, if you can’t catch Sicari on the turntables or rockin' the floor, you can catch him at the 5E Gallery (2125 Michigan ave. Detroit, Mi). A space he acquired for Detroit music heads of all facets to utilize as an outlet to spread awareness of their respective talents, as well as their love for Hip-Hop art and culture.

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