artist: b.marsh
photo: brandon turner/bmtphoto.com
t-shirt: demographics

After graduating high school with a scholarship in Wrestling, Bryan was hungry for a change. Jumping head first into streetbikes, he went out and bought a Yamaha R6. Quickly becoming a natural on the bike, he began to experiment with wheelies and acrobatics.

While working as a lumberjack during the day and b-boying at the clubs (a skill and hobby throughout school) on the weekends, Bryan was living a fast life, enjoying every moment. One day it all came to an end, when he fell from a tree at work. Suffering from severe internal bleeding, he spent the next year recovering from surgeries. Bryan decided to take advantage of his dance skills and make the move to Los Angeles, California. He quickly became a successful dancer in the industry, by working with Rihanna, Marques Houston, Michelle Williams, Nike, and Puma just to name a few.

When most people would be satisfied and comfortable, Bryan’s extreme will and motivation pushed him even further to where he felt compelled to conquer his passion for motorcycles. Within six months, he purchased a bike and practiced everyday, quickly learning the skills he needed to become a profound motorcycle stunt rider. With the help of ‘J Beats’, one of the most respected stunt riders in the world, Bryan’s skills progressed rapidly. With his adventurous work hard attitude he is becoming one of the rising stars in stunt riding, IT’S A LIFESTYLE!! ‘2009’

Bryan would like to thank: his mother, family!! his homies, Brandon ‘BMT’ Turner, Chopper, Melanie, J Beats, all his sponsors. And everybody who has supported him! Thank you.

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