D.E.M.F. design entry

:2:37am: decided to enter a design challenge for the 2009 Detroit Electronic Music Festival

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thanks for the support

edit: contest is over...thanks for the votes


FEATURED ARTIST : dj prime minister

featured artist: dj prime minister
photo: roxstar from eight-o-eight magazine
t-shirt: material processing


DJ Prime Minister a.k.a. "The Scratch Painter" is ready to spearhead a new frontier in turntablism. While other turntablists make songs just to show their scratch skills, Primemin uses his techniques to express himself artistically. He calls this art form:

'Scratchtracknology'- The art of scratch arrangements over Music.

Inspired by DJ Premier's 'in deep concentration',and people like DJ Magic Mike, The Executioners, and Q-bert, he is not the first person to do a "scratchtrack" but he is the first ARTIST of this nature. Simply put, "my tracks are like paintings and my scratches are the brushstrokes on the canvas which is the beat." Prime embodies Technical skill, soul, and artistic expression through the art of Scratching. This has People from all over the Globe Seeking out his Special Scratch Touch for their Music, Commercials and Show Introductions.

As a DJ/Tablist He's Graced the Stage with the Likes of 'The Scratch Creator' Grandwizzard Theodore, DJ Premier, DJ Babu (Beat Junkies), and The One and only Blastmaster, KRS-One. As an appreciator of all Genres of Music, look for many achievements coming from this up and Coming Turntablist. www.myspace.com/primemin
Scratch Painter L.L.C.