FEATURED ARTIST: malik alston

featured artist: malik alston
photo: angie DTM

Malik Alston is one of Detroit's premier producers, performers, vocalists and improvisations. He produces without boundaries, often fusing a multitude of styles to create a new innovation in sound. Viewed as “one of Detroit’s hidden treasures” (Chris Rizik, SoulTracks.com), Malik has been compared to the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, and Roy Ayers. He has written and produced eight albums, four EP projects, and many singles and collaborations. His original music can be heard in the 2006-2008 Home Team campaign for the Southeastern Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Malik’s newest project This Music Is Life taps into the essence of his imagination, revealing a fusion of soul, jazz, funk and inspirational lyric – taking the listener on a soul-filled journey that is perfect, timeless and complete. Malik continues to be a creative vessel and convey passion in his music. His intoxicating blend of music for the future lets you move, explore and expand your horizons. This music is joy, this music is love, this music is reality - This Music Is Life. He has produced, written and collaborated with many artists including Painted Pictures, Baatin (Slum Village), Amp Fiddler, Al McKenzie, Roy Davis, Jr., Paul Randolph, No Milk, Javontte, Doc Link, Monica Blaire, Neco Redd, John Arnold, Brownstudy, The Godbrothers, and Recloose.

Malik has appeared from Miami to Japan. He has had the pleasure of performing with many artists including Painted Pictures, The Linwood Ensemble, Ortheia Barnes, Al McKenzie, Allan Barnes, Grammy-nominated Afropean soul group Les Nubians , Grammy-nominated jazz group Straight Ahead, Rejoice Community Choir, Slum Village, The Last Poets, Jessica Care Moore , and as a special guest with Grammy award-winning artist Louie Vega at Movement: 06. Malik has toured with Grammy-award winning artist Dwele.



Here you will see Chris Jones-left(photographer) and Brian D.-right (:2:37am:) watching a presentation at the first annual Pecha Kucha night in Detroit, Aug. 21.08. I believe we were viewing the presentation of Chandra Moore as she presented the River Walk project in Detroit. She was one of the head designers on the project while working at Smith Group architects in Detroit. The next Pecha Kucha night is November 25.08 and hopefully :2:37am: will be selected to showcase the work/ideas.



featured artist: invincible
photo: jeff

It is truly rare to find an artist like Invincible. Her spitfire wordplay has gotten her acclaim from Hip Hop fans all across the world, while her active involvement in progressive social change has taken her music beyond entertainment, and towards actualizing the change she wishes to see. Repping Detroit, MI, many are already familiar with her work with Waajeed and the Platinum Pied Pipers, Finale, the all-female ANOMOLIES crew, Black Star, and many others. Dubbed by XXL Magazine as "every A&Rs worst nightmare" for rejecting major label deals and general industry politrix, Invincible started her own record label, EMERGENCE, self-releasing her long-awaited full length LP, ShapeShifters, June, 2008.

Invincible’s versatility shines through on ShapeShifters over production by Waajeed, Black Milk, Lab Techs, House Shoes, and more. She is part of a community on the frontline of innovating the future of music, including featured guests Tiombe Lockhart, Finale, Wordsworth, Indeed, and Buff1. Every track stands alone in style, subject matter and concept. Together, the tracks form a cohesive unit that covers issues related to self and community transformation such as: the journey of a struggling artist, J Dilla and Proof's legacies, media monopoly, love/hate relationships, gentrification, faith, and beyond. Invincible’s visual lyricism is interwoven with heavy hitting musical backdrops, creating a compelling cinematic sound-scape.

The lead 12" Single and title track, "ShapeShifters," produced by Waajeed, is a ride in itself, beginning with the urgent declaration, "Music is not a mirror to reflect reality / It's a hammer, with which we shape it." The song proceeds to take the listener to a post apocalyptic future where a time capsule of Hip Hop and cultural resistance is unearthed, sampled, and evolved for generations to come.

From Hip Hop enthusiasts to everyday people working for change, Invincible’s ShapeShifters will give hope to listeners searching for substance within their daily dose of music. Invincible has created an album for the ages to transform the way people listen to emcees for years to come.