featured artist: gehrik
photo: b.dubois

It was about 20 years ago when this guy named "gehrik" began his adventure into the house dance scene. as one of the pioneers of the house dance culture in detroit, he has made a name for himself and is known to show up, get down, and leave. gehrik has been a major force in the history of house music and educating the false-hoods that tend to cover the culture and the way it is perceived. he is currently embarking in the music industry by producing his own tracks and also does video/audio editing.

With the movements of the dance, he brings in his own style by incorporating a martial arts called "kuk sool won" and has his own school is which he teachings the principles of this art. in regards to this art, gehrik states "The purpose and significance of the Martial Arts has been misunderstood by the Western World. It has been known as a system of fighting and self-defence using kicking, punching and weapons. It is no wonder that many people think the Oriental Martial Arts are a kind of violence. But the self-defence techniques of traditional Martial Arts are only a small part of the total Martial Art. And yet, Martial Art has its own philosophy which was influenced mainly by Taoism and Buddhism."


FURNITURE LINE - development

over the years i have had ideas of creating a furniture line that speaks to how i view things. the aspects of modernism with a touch of an industrial/deconstructive attitude is how i perceive this line to be. the materials to be used would be of high quality and being able to withstand everyday use and moving and yet be polished up to reflect the details and thought involved in the designs. this line will be looked at as a production product that can be duplicated but not in a high pace due to the importance of each design.

designs have been in the works since '99 but yet have been prototyped. ideas for dinner tables to coffee tables and a few concepts for chair designs are all sketched up and ready to be finally developed. changes will occur once the prototypes are under-way so who knows what the end product will be like. all i know is that i have to finally develop this line and move forward with my ideas and hopefully be able to push the products into homes that appreciate the quality of details and materials instead of some cheap modernist look-alikes.table: :2:37am: coffee table model: lisa b photographer: chris jones