this is one of the best sellers in the current line. it's the demographics shirt and shows the building decline in downtown detroit from 1915 to 2006. yes i know it's 2008 but it took me about 2 months to document downtown in 2006 and not really wanting to do it again anytime soon....hehehe. the areas are documented in 5 stage of the city 1915, 1950, 1960, 1994, 2006 and you can really see how "blown out" it is. makes you wonder on how you can go from a high density downtown to a place where parking lots prevail. behind the 5 stages is an autocad map that i have been working on while documenting. is a good conversation item too since you can point out the new stadiums to people and they sit there and try to comprehend the layout. you might be able to bet a few bucks and see if they can locate certain buildings also....just an idea. :2:37am: store/shop


videos and interview update

posted some quick promo videos in the :2:37am: youtube channel. just a few quick visuals to push the ideas that are behind the line and the company.link below

:2:37am: youtube channel

on 08.23.08, :2:37am: was on hot102.7 for a quick radio interview. finally had a chance to post it.link below


radio spot on 102.7fm in detroit

:2:37am: will be on hot 102.7fm this saturday 08.23.08 promoting the clothing line and everything else. the time slot is around 8pm-10pm or so depending on the format of the show/etc. the host of the show is "mc serch" from the legendary group 3rd bass.

:2:37am: also has a promo mixtape called "construction documents 1-a1" that will be a free download from this blog. the mix showcases local detroit/michigan artists and has a hiphop/soul/electro feel to it (has a few curse words in the mix so theres the disclaimer). all the artists were approached months ago regarding this project and they all were down for the cause and gave permission for the use of their tracks. :2:37am: wanted to make sure the project supported by all artists involved and therefore they will be promoted within the clothing line. give me a few days to get the downloadable link in the blog. file size is around 64 mb with 23 tracks plus and outro. i will post the track listing once the link is ready.


: 2:37am : promo video2

just tossed together a quick promo video to help people get a feeling for the line. nothing too crazy just a little teaser. the audio track was given/made for :2:37am: by the detroit techno militia aka dtm. heres the youtube link for the video. : 2:37am : promo video2.

theres a few more quick videos that will be out..... trying to touch base with a few different music styles that are local.


FEATURED ARTIST : amp fiddler

featured artist:
amp fiddler
photo: chris jones

detroit based amp fiddler is a celebrated soul/funk musician who has shared stages and studios with everyone from prince and george clinton to primal scream and underground detroit producer moodyman. amp also played a pivotal role in bringing slum village to global attention, and was a friend and collaborator with their producer, the late james “j dilla/jay dee” yancey. his warm, expansive, mellifluous music takes stylistic cues from all these encounters, but emerges as earthy, supremely relaxed, and rooted in the funk and soul that amp feels most connected to. and, as he suggests, it is music for the head and much as food for the heart and soul.

amp’s low profile through the 90’s can be put down to both his remarkable talent for landing background work on important records. he was asked to sit in on a session for a demo after an acquaintance spotted him walking down a new york street, and when the artist, maxwell, was signed, amp ended up helping make his acclaimed “urban hang suite” debut and the time he has to take to raise his son.

amp will always keep moving forward and as he embarks on the next stage of his journey, bringing “afro strut” to the world, he seems ready for whatever the experience will throw at him. but most of all, he’s itching to bring another little bit of seven mile to the rest of the world.



updating the look of the line

it's been a minute,

i have been working alot on promotions and talking to artists to help promote them within the line. i do have a few artists that will be featured soon, just waiting on a few things to finish up before that gets posted.

for a quick breakdown of the : 2:37am : line..... the concepts is more on the industrial side of things. there are 9 different editions in the line such as :detroit: :industrial: :port: :der: ...... each edition has a different theme in order to keep an updated look for the line. i dont do summer/winter/fall/spring lines...... simply because you can wear the gear all year round and no sense in me trying to make up some b.s. of when to release my ideas....

stay safe