FEATURED MODEL: lauren moy

model: lauren moy
photo: chris jones
makeup: jennifer james
tshirt: 3:3 and hat


FEATURED MODEL: vanessa morejon

model: vanessa morejon
photo: chris jones
tshirt: detroit demographics



model: Rima Fakih
photo: Chris Jones

Congrats to Rima for winning Miss USA and thanks for supporting the :2:37am: clothing line. We wish you the best of luck with the modeling career and support you all the way.


FEATURED ARTISTS: dance community chicago

artists: courtney wallace + heidi childers
photo: allison glenn
tshirt: :2:37am: tm + detroit demo + hat

Dance Community Chicago Bio:
Dance Community Chicago is a dance industry-related organization aimed at connecting communities, developing dancers and enhancing exposure. In 2008, Jason Laws, in an attempt to cultivate community amongst all members and organizations in the dance industry of Chicago. Jason was shortly joined by Courtney Wallace and Melissa Hughes, later named his Associate Director and Director of Public Relations respectively, with a shared passion to improve the Chicago's dance community they began to create an active network of dancers and dance-related organizations, innovative programming aimed at building well-rounded dancers, and credible opportunities to further dancers’ careers. An interest began to grow and soon the team was joined by Heidi Childers, Director of Operations, Chirstina Rodriguez, Special Projects Manager, and Lauren Lopez. Dance Community Chicago has continued to grow by holding DanceFam Community Classes, getting involved in hosting movie premiers and helping the community through DanceFam exchange programs. DCC would love to see more people get involved with them!! Come be apart of the movement for movement!!!

Courtney Wallace Bio:
Courtney has always been a performing artist however, she did not begin dancing until she went to college in 2006. She began taking beginner hip hop classes as a form of exercise during the summer months, but that exercise quickly grew into a passion. Over the next year she began taking more classes all over the midwest. In February of 2008 she joined Hip Hop ConnXion, a suburban based dance company. And in October of 2008 she joined NonStop Dance Productions, 2008 Hype Champions. She is currently still a member of NonStop, while also serving as the Associate Director of Dance Community Chicago, a dance-industry non-profit. Courtney is currently getting her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine as well as teaching nutrition and fitness to children with the Otis Wilson Foundation.

Heidi Childers Bio:
Heidi didn’t get heavily involved in the dance scene until she moved to Chicago for work in 2006. Although she danced on and off growing up in Texas, her experience was limited to more classical and established styles of dance – jazz, ballet, and modern. Dancing with a student organization in college gave her a taste of the hip-hop styles and, shortly after arriving in Chicago, she auditioned for Culture Shock Chicago. She trained and performed with them for the next three years. The combination of dance and community service with Culture Shock inspired her to get involved with helping local dancers realize their potential and establish themselves as industry paid professionals. Her position as Director of Operations for Dance Community Chicago (also lovingly known as “DanceFam”) gives her the platform to do that, and it definitely keeps her hands full, as she hopes to establish wellness and resource programs for Chicago dancers in the near future. Heidi is also a full-time graduate student in applied exercise physiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and works as a teaching assistant and personal trainer.



artist: windimoto
photo: allison glenn
tshirt: :2:37am: + m-trans

What is Windimoto? In the most rudimentary sense of the word, it’s the unification of two cities, one Windy and one Motor. Scratch the surface though, and you’ll find that it’s the unification of a few more things – upbringings, musical tastes, and a drive to push dance music as far as it can go; from the Midwest to the US coasts and beyond. Detroit-born dance music producer Scorpeze and Chicago House DJ Sean Haley met one another in the fall of 2005 and quickly came to find that their similar tastes in music, when shared, could equal more than the sum of the two separate parts.

For Haley, growing up in Chicago in the 1980s is something that he credits for his taste in music today. “Growing up here during the 80’s was unbelievable. To see House grow and expand so quickly was amazing”, he says. “I was fortunate enough to see and hear a lot of the legendary DJ’s that people in other parts of the world have only read about”. These DJs he speaks of were Ron Hardy, Steve Hurley, Larry Heard and Frankie Knuckles, the likes of which helped shape and mold House music into what it is today.

For Scorpeze, growing up in Detroit, he soaked up Jazz from his father, Soul and Funk from his uncle, and contemporary Club music from his sister, rounding out a pretty eclectic source of influences. “In those times, all of those Black musics were crossing paths anyway”. Honing his craft on a variety of instruments and electronic equipment, he produced for local hip hop groups in the Detroit area before moving to California where he further developed his chops.

After moving from California to Chicago, Scorpeze crossed paths with Haley and Windimoto was born. The Midwest duo speak less about the sound of their music and more about the direction. Haley shares: “If you can conceive it, you will hear it. Windimoto embraces change. It’s a constant evolution of sound.” And that evolution starts now.

With “Don’t Let Me Leave Alone” and “A Place For Us”, the Windimoto age begins.

Windimoto is here.




artist: hebru brantley
photo: allison glenn
t-shirt: h20 treatment

Born 1981, Chicago IL

Lives and works in Chicago’s Bronzeville area

Being exposed to a variety of Cinema from Black exploitation to Science Fiction, it was clear to Hebru Brantley that he wanted to express himself visually. With art collectors as parents he was exposed to works of such wide range of masters such as Romare Bearden, Keith Haring, Basquiat and Black Folk art. Toppled with an affinity for mythogical comic heroes and Japanese anime Hebru style began infusing those two worlds.

While attending Film school in Atlanta he began working in design and illustration for media production and clothing companies. A former graffiti artist Hebru transitioned from wall to canvas and started making a name for himself in the Atlanta contemporary art scene.

His paintings depict beings that are triumphantly defiant with raw emotion that at times draw from youthful expression. They capture the universal essence of the human condition through an energetic portrayal of urban characters. The work comes about spontaneously, utilizing a vast aerie of mediums such as woods, found objects, spray paint, coffee and tea. He constructs multi-layered, textured environments easily likened to the complexities of contemporary urban life. He feels it’s his job to tell the story’s of his peer’s and the times which they occupy.

The self taught illustrator/painter is hard at play to establish his place in the modern art movement as a master of fine art and product design. As well as create an artist movement with his contemporaries unlike anyone in Chicago has ever seen.



FEATURED ARTIST: dawin meckel

artist: dawin meckel
tshirt: demographics
photo: nicole welgen

Dawin Meckel is a German photographer and member of OSTKREUZ, a renowned Berlin-based collective of photographers. Founded in 1990, the year of the German reunification, by seven East-German photographers, OSTKREUZ today represents 17 members. Mainly focusing on documentary photography, they do commissions for international magazines as well as free projects throughout the world. On the occasion of the agency's 20th anniversary in 2010, OSTKREUZ is currently doing a project on cities worldwide which will be exhibited in C/O Berlin - International Forum for Visual Dialogues in spring next year.

Dawin Meckel decided to do his part on one of the world's many so-called shrinking cities and thus came to Detroit in April 2009. During his stay he got to know and portrayed many representatives of the city's hip hop scene like K-Fresh, Finale and DJ Sicari and remained impressed by its liveliness and the strong connection among the artists. His first stay in the United States had been of a rather different kind: In 2005 he was commissioned to document the life of gold diggers in the wilderness of Alaska, one of his first and most exciting jobs. He has worked in Africa, Asia, Central America and throughout Europe ever since.



r.i.p. baatin of slum village

r.i.p. to Baatin

The images above were taken during a photoshoot for the :2:37am: clothing line (based in Detroit) in 2007. You will be missed and the time spent together will always be remembered.... your friend and supporter Brian D. aka CRYZKO


FEATURED ARTIST : cee knowledge aka doodlebug

ARTIST: cee knowledge aka doodlebug
TSHIRT: :2:37am: fade
HAT: :2:37am: flex fit
PHOTO: n/a

Hip-hop in the '80s, jazz in the '60s, and funk in the '70s are all well-documented revolutionary expressions in Africa-American music. Less familiar, though, is their meeting ground in Cee Knowledge and the Cosmic Funk Orchestra in 2000, and beyond. Craig Irving, the Philadelphia hip-hop vocalist better known as Doodlebug of the defunct Grammy-winning hip-hop trio Digable Planets, adopted the moniker Cee Knowledge while studying the Nation of Islam in 1988 at Howard University.

Knowledge grew up in a city full of musical traditions from the cosmic jazz of the Sun Ra Arkestra to the new Philly soul of Bilal and Musiq Soulchild and the groundbreaking hip-hop of the Roots and Eve. It was a place for Knowledge to absorb all kinds of music from early hip-hop and '70s funk to avant-garde jazz and new Philly soul. Knowledge's mind drifted south of Philadelphia for his funk sources in the music of Parliament-Funkadelic, the Bar-Kays, and Barry White. He first expressed his love of funk, jazz, and hip-hop together in Digable Planets, which won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance in 1993.

At Howard University, he met Mary Ann "Ladybug" Vierra, a Brazilian-American singer from Maryland. With Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, they founded Digable Planets in 1991 and released a highly acclaimed single, "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)." When Digable Planets disbanded in 1995 after two successful albums and a handful of warmly received singles, Knowledge felt a void in his music career. From early concerts at the Deer Park Tavern in Delaware and at the Philadelphia Music Conference, he forged the early lineup for Cee Knowledge and the Cosmic Funk Orchestra from hip-hop and jazz musicians in Delaware and Philadelphia in 1999. For his first solo project, he released Live From the 7th Dimension, Vol. 1 early in 2000 and Return of the Cosmic Funk in September 2000. He remixed the latter to include tracks featuring vibraphonist Roy Ayers, Ladybug, and members of the Sun Ra Arkestra for release in 2001.

Knowledge and his 11-piece group -- which featured jazz and hippie jam band guitarist Mark Turner; saxist-flutist Elliott Levin (Sun Ra, DJ Logic); reggae bassist and didgeridoo player Rob Griffith; Haitian keyboardist Giscard Xavier; jazz and reggae drummer Mad Max; rappers INDIAN BLACK, REALITY , KAI CHI AND background vocalist Loretta Gooden,MS. Gnomiagre and DJ SOULBUCK -- played progressive hip-hop filled with a funkified brand of streetwise jazz poetry. Knowledge showed dissatisfaction with all the emphasis on money, sex, and violence in much of hip-hop in the late '90s and early 2000 in preference for an expression of peace, love, political action, inner strength, happiness, and hope for the future.

In 2002, Cee Knowledge released the Space is the Place single for the Counterflow label. The single featured the Sun Ra Arkestra.In 2005 Cee Knowledge released a full length mixtape cd entitled "the cosmic funk essentials" and began a worldwide reunion tour with the original members of THE DIGABLE PLANETS...more recently, Cee Knowledge has partnered with japaneese indie label root70 lounge records to release his latest musical effort called "THE INTIFADAH-THE UPRISING" which is available exclusively online now at itunes and junodownload.Digable Planets merchandise is available exclusively at www.ceeknowledge.com(where you can also purchase doodlebugs mixtapes and CFO merchandise)...Cee Know the Doodlebug currently tours with a 3 piece band( gary dann on drums, mitch beer on bass, adam 12 on guitar) and CFO emcees; indian black, kai chi aka flo sama been rhymin, reality and nex millen on turntables and vocals...check us out at

www.reverbnation.com/ceeknowledgeandcosmicfunkallstars and also



artist: konee rok
photo: allison glenn
t-shirt: factors

Konee Rok is widely respected as one of the most solid and consistent film makers in hip-hop today. In terms of both his roots as a breaker (b-boy/breakdancer) & his naturally dramatic artistic approach, his films and music videos capture the urban essence- blunt, aggressive & ironic.

Konee Roks' career thus far, while based in Chicago, has brought him all over the US, & across the world. In 2005 Konee was awarded the Screen Magazine Noizemakers Award for best upcoming film director. Konee was featured in Dave Jekubiak's Chicago Tribune piece entitled "Konee Rok has Seen & Shot It All".

He is also the founder of the successful independent film production company, Konee Rok Productions, Inc (www.KoneeRok.com) which has created projects involving many of today's most elite artists.



photo credits:



artist: dj sicari
photo: brian d.
t-shirt: 313 aka 3:3

Born in Detroit and raised in San Diego, Sicari was introduced to Hip-Hop by Dj Charlie Rock and other West Coast Rock Steady members. He first expressed his love for the culture as a b-boy in Cali. Sicari moved back to Detroit in 94, landed a job at the Hip-Hop Shop, and later became a member Hardcore Detroit Breakin Crew.

Sicari later took an interest in the dj element of Hip-Hop. Starting in college, he has been constructing dj sets and competing in dj battles since 1996. Winning his first major dj battle (Hawaii) in 1999 and spinning b-boy battles, the now turntablist Sicari has proven to be a master of the two elements.

Today, if you can’t catch Sicari on the turntables or rockin' the floor, you can catch him at the 5E Gallery (2125 Michigan ave. Detroit, Mi). A space he acquired for Detroit music heads of all facets to utilize as an outlet to spread awareness of their respective talents, as well as their love for Hip-Hop art and culture.


:2:37am: release event video

artists. aux88, detroit techno militia, asylum 7, tasherre d'enajetic, leaf erikson and blake eerie.

Video is a bit dark but i think you get the point. This is just a quick teaser until the other footage is worked on and editted.


FEATURED ARTIST : norm talley

artist: norm talley
photo: un-known
tshirt: rr-bridge2

Born and raised on Detroits westside in the late 60's Norm's addiction to music began at an early age.By the age of 13 years old Norm's diverse musical outlook consisted of Disco,Progressive,Jazz.Starting off Norm collected good music(45's-8-tracks-Vinyl)with proceeds earned from his paper route and eventually was introduced to Ken Collier who just happened to live 3 blocks over so needless to say most of the Disco and Progressive Norm attained was through Ken who was a DJ mentor for him.

At this point and time he only had one turntable, an eight-track player, a receiver and some speakers.So he would have friends over and play records and they would dance until the sweat started to pour!! One day a friend that would come over and vibe was having a backyard party and needed a DJ and asked Norm to do it which was really special to him because he had never did a party in his life,Norm only had one turntable and couldn't mix!!So back to Grindstone he went to earn the money to buy a turntable and a mixer and a tape deck which took about two months to get.At that time he made about $30 dollars a week and before you know it Norm was at HD Sounds putting together a system(Gem Sounds,Sharp tape deck excellent for pause button mixes,pioneer turntable)So it was on!

He did the party which turned out to be a success and got some more offers to do more gigs which began a career on the decks that stands to date!!So in 1985 Norm began to archive the mixes he was doing on Cassette tapes(over 500)and did that for 15 years up until the year 2000 when he began making mixed CDs which he has over 400 to date.

Check out DETROIT BEATDOWN VOL.1,DETROIT BEATDOWN REMIXES(mixed and unmixed)as well as other mixed CDs available at Recordtime.com and Emporium50.com Peace!!!!!!!!!



The 237am.com website is currently undergoing some upgrades and server/hosting changes for the new redesigned clothing line website.

You can still purchase shirts from the 2008 edition. New gear will be available in early May

www.237am.com for the clothing line

www.237amstudios.com for the design/build/models site

stay tuned...

the :2:37am: crew



artist: aux88
photo: brian d. of :2:37am: studios
tshirts: demograph/outlines

aux88 has a newly released album called 'mad scientist' and is available on their website at www.aux88.com...


The simbiant beings Tucker and Hamilton known as AUX 88 havebeen
re-assimilated into a dark sibiant species of technological voice and mind. They are Exterestrial Time travelers re-programmed by centuries of interstellar flight in the Aux quadrant. Aux 88 returns to earth originally known as dimension e "Now something very different In form and intellect,This electronically synthesized enduced state has shifting the duo back to dimension e to wreak havoc in the electronic under world. This new function mode Mad Scientist, has been set to a temporary mode in earth time. Witness the conversion of Aux 88 to ...


What happens when you take an accomplished dancer who's musically trained and a Mobile street dj classically trained and unleash them in a studio? Well, if the conditions are right, you might get Aux 88. But not overnight... Tommy Hamilton had always been musically inclined. From the age of 5 he had played with drums, so the concept of the beat and rhythm were with him early on. While he was in high school in the early 80's, influenced by his sister, he became a dancer. Tom Tom, as he was to be known, became a member of a number of different dance groups, from the Cosmic Swingers, the Motor City Poppers, to the Devo Dancers.

Things were going good, but Tom was looking for more. It was through the dance scene that Tom met up with Keith Tucker, a local dj who was looking for more. Together, in 1985 accompanied by Anthony Horton, Tucker and Hamilton formed RX-7. RX-7 was a live band that performed inspired cover versions of Cybotron and Model 500 tracks. It wasn't so much that they were trying to break new ground by playing live-they knew no other way. MIDI and sequencers were virtually unheard of; especially to two east side Detroit boys who simply had a love for the music. Tucker, a avid sci-fi fan started to buy older models of analog gear and pursue sending out demo tapes to various local Detroit Techno labels. He received a response from Metroplex Records; Juan Atkins label, and signed as Frequency. Under this alias, Tucker recorded such tracks as, " Television, Frequency Express, and New Jack House. " On the track " New Jack House, " Darren Muhammad of Adrenalin M.O.D. did the vocals and Juan Atkins did the mixes. Tucker learned a lot from his experiences with Metroplex Records In September of 1992, while working on new tracks for Metroplex Records, Tucker received a visit from Tommy Hamilton. They brought their experiences together to form AUX-88, and found that their music talents had matured since the early 1980's. Using their Detroit Techno background, the two quickly accumulated a mass of new tracks together, as well as individually.

The reunification of Tom Tom and Tucker found that their time apart had done them both good. With a renewed sense of purpose, they put together a fusion of styles and added Anthony Horton and vocalist Andrea Gilmore to become...Sight Beyond Sight. SBS was soon signed to 430 West Records. While SBS enjoyed a degree of success, Tom Tom and Tucker made the decision to continue with the bass heavy techno they had began with some time earlier. 1993 saw this return to their roots as the birth of Aux 88. As Aux took off, SBS was put on hold and the other members went to work on individual projects. Then, as if to acknowledge the move, Aux 88 released "My A.U.X. Mind" which went on to become a Detroit classic. Putting the icing on the cake, Aux 88 joined up with Mad Mike Banks to perform with Juan Atkins as Model 500 on the 10th anniversary of his label, Metroplex. However, the evolution of Aux 88 was not over. In 1995, desiring to do more experimental tracks, Tucker went solo and created his own label called Puzzlebox inspired by close friend Anthony Shakir. Tom didn't miss a beat.

Reuniting with BJ (Posatronix) former dancer, Aux 88 went on to release the full length CD, "Man or Machine." Touring both the US and Europe, and with video airplay on MTV's AMP, Aux 88 began the process of turning on the planet on to their techno/bass/dance fusion. Still, it was not enough. Aux had already made a name for itself via live performances. As individuals who had been deep in the scene long before recording music, they knew they had to take it to the next level. Acting on a tip from another recording artist on 430 West, Octave One, Tom met up with the young DJ Di'jital. Already established in the Detroit underground scene, Di'jital joined the Aux 88 live show. As Aux played live, Di'jital mixed an array of music. The effect was that of an electrified old school hip hop show. It isn't accidental. Aux 88 is one of the few who remember that techno has its roots in the hip-hop of pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol and Newcleus. If anyone mistakes their live show as a scaled down electronic hip hop oriented Parliament show, well, you're not too far off the mark.

After the success of "Man or Machine," BJ left to explore other musical realms while Tom Tom went on to record "Xeo-Genetic," the last Aux offering on Direct Beat records. The Album received two Detroit Music awards for Best Artist and Best Recording. 2002 saw what seemed to be a return of aux 88 as the Auxmen to close out the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Tucker was asked to close out the festival on the main stage with a history of techno. Seeing and knowing that the only group to pull it off was Aux88, Tucker elected to change the name to the Auxmen and perform with all members of aux88. Unfortunately Tom was not available to perform, but instead sparked the return of the duo now exclusively on Puzzlebox Records.


FEATURED ARTIST : kenny muhammad

artist: the human orchestra
photo: his friend probably
t-shirt: iron face

Kenny (The Human Orchestra) has put an entirely new twist on the art that some of us would immediately call the human beat box. He defines the human body as the first instrument. Through an awesome manipulation of his own body, Kenny summons Afro Cuban, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Salsa, House, Techno, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Trance, and Hip Hop rhythms from the depths of his soul to create amazing music.

Even after a near death experience in which his left lung was punctured in a car accident, Kenny was still blessed to be able to continue to master his craft on a much higher level. Constantly on a rigorous performance schedule, The Human Orchestra has performed across Africa, Japan, Europe, and throughout the United States. He has developed a worldwide fan base, captivating thousands as he shared the stage with Public Enemy, Mindless Self Indulgence, Matisyahu, Squarepusher, The X-ecutioners, Regina Bell, The Gap Band, Maxwell, Angie Stone, Stevie Wonder, Vernon Reid, and Take 6, just to name a few.

In addition to his work with Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz artists, Kennys repertoire includes incredible performances with The New York Symphony Orchestra at Manhattan Center (conducted by David Eaton), and The King Sey Jung Hall in Seoul Korea with violinist Eugene Park (Sony). He has appeared on CBS This Morning, Good Day New York at Carnegie Hall, and was a three-time consecutive winner on Showtime At The Apollo. Variety Magazine touted Kenny as the James Brown version of Bobby McFerrin.

The Human Orchestra has also been seen and heard in several nationwide television and radio commercials, all of which he wrote and created. Advertising endorsements include Gatorade, as well as a Burger King spot that was nominated for a Cleo award. Kenny has performed on Much Music, MTV2 and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, amongst others.

When you get the opportunity, take a melodious ride of sight, sound, and imagination with Kenny Muhammad, The Human Orchestra.




artist: b.marsh
photo: brandon turner/bmtphoto.com
t-shirt: demographics

After graduating high school with a scholarship in Wrestling, Bryan was hungry for a change. Jumping head first into streetbikes, he went out and bought a Yamaha R6. Quickly becoming a natural on the bike, he began to experiment with wheelies and acrobatics.

While working as a lumberjack during the day and b-boying at the clubs (a skill and hobby throughout school) on the weekends, Bryan was living a fast life, enjoying every moment. One day it all came to an end, when he fell from a tree at work. Suffering from severe internal bleeding, he spent the next year recovering from surgeries. Bryan decided to take advantage of his dance skills and make the move to Los Angeles, California. He quickly became a successful dancer in the industry, by working with Rihanna, Marques Houston, Michelle Williams, Nike, and Puma just to name a few.

When most people would be satisfied and comfortable, Bryan’s extreme will and motivation pushed him even further to where he felt compelled to conquer his passion for motorcycles. Within six months, he purchased a bike and practiced everyday, quickly learning the skills he needed to become a profound motorcycle stunt rider. With the help of ‘J Beats’, one of the most respected stunt riders in the world, Bryan’s skills progressed rapidly. With his adventurous work hard attitude he is becoming one of the rising stars in stunt riding, IT’S A LIFESTYLE!! ‘2009’

Bryan would like to thank: his mother, family!! his homies, Brandon ‘BMT’ Turner, Chopper, Melanie, J Beats, all his sponsors. And everybody who has supported him! Thank you.


D.E.M.F. design entry

:2:37am: decided to enter a design challenge for the 2009 Detroit Electronic Music Festival

You can vote for the design here:


thanks for the support

edit: contest is over...thanks for the votes


FEATURED ARTIST : dj prime minister

featured artist: dj prime minister
photo: roxstar from eight-o-eight magazine
t-shirt: material processing


DJ Prime Minister a.k.a. "The Scratch Painter" is ready to spearhead a new frontier in turntablism. While other turntablists make songs just to show their scratch skills, Primemin uses his techniques to express himself artistically. He calls this art form:

'Scratchtracknology'- The art of scratch arrangements over Music.

Inspired by DJ Premier's 'in deep concentration',and people like DJ Magic Mike, The Executioners, and Q-bert, he is not the first person to do a "scratchtrack" but he is the first ARTIST of this nature. Simply put, "my tracks are like paintings and my scratches are the brushstrokes on the canvas which is the beat." Prime embodies Technical skill, soul, and artistic expression through the art of Scratching. This has People from all over the Globe Seeking out his Special Scratch Touch for their Music, Commercials and Show Introductions.

As a DJ/Tablist He's Graced the Stage with the Likes of 'The Scratch Creator' Grandwizzard Theodore, DJ Premier, DJ Babu (Beat Junkies), and The One and only Blastmaster, KRS-One. As an appreciator of all Genres of Music, look for many achievements coming from this up and Coming Turntablist. www.myspace.com/primemin
Scratch Painter L.L.C.


FEATURED ARTIST: mr. wiggles

featured artist: mr wiggles
photo: brian d.
t-shirt: h20-treat1

Mr Wiggles is a South Bronx Puerto Rican born raised on HIP HOP since the early 70's. Learned all his HIP HOP crafts in the harsh streets of the Bronx.
(vertical style dance done by many Latinos in the 70's)
(involves Top Rock, Footwork and Freezes)
(what is now known as RAP)
(robotic dance style created in Fresno CA.)
(dance style created in LA made popular by Rerun on TV show What's happening)
(HIP HOP music producer)

Wiggles is a proud member of three major forces in HIP HOP and Funk Styles culture "Rock Steady Crew", the "Electric Boogaloos" and "Zulu Nation".

Mr Wiggles started his career as a dancer by battling throughout the tough streets of New York city, and eventually throughout the world.Wiggles built his reputation as a battler, and eventually took his skills to major stages all around the world including Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Canada, and on the great stages of Broadway. Wiggles has also been credited with two important movies that helped established HIP HOP "Beat Street" and "Wild Style".

Wiggles is still learning his crafts till this day, and will remain a true student of the culture till the day he dies. wiggles is married to his beautiful wife Zoraya Clemente, and has 6 incredible children, Unico, Alexandra, Talib, Ammar, Atiya, and Zamaria (I know that's alot of kids but he is Puerto Rican so what did you expect).

Mr Wiggles is part of the biggest anti drug DVD in the US, distributed in 114,000 schools, featuring Tony Hawk, 12-time world skateboard champion; Nina Heinberg, champion kite boarder; Travis Pastrana, motocross freestyle champion; Tori Allen, champion sport climber; Laird Hamilton, ocean sports pioneer; Wendy Fisher, extreme skier; celebrity Hip Hop dancers "Crazy Legs" and "Mr. Wiggles," and many more of today's best known heroes among kids.

Here are a few 'shows/movies' along with some musical artists that Mr. Wiggles has worked with and been a part of. You can read more on his website





:2:37am: was selected to present at the Pecha Kucha Detroit volumn.2 event that was hosted at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). This event was a collection of 11 picked artists in Detroit that are pushing ideas in the city. The presenters range from architects, painters, sculptures, designers and practically anyone else that has a mind into creating works of art. Each presenter has 20 slides that are 20 seconds each and can vary in still slides or video work.

The projects that :2:37am: presented were: master bath renovation, spruce house build, architecture models, portfolio cases, and the up and coming trademarked :2:37am: clothing line.

There was also a blog write up in the Detroit News that featured a few of the presenters for the night.

(Detroit News blog link)



FEATURED ARTIST: malik alston

featured artist: malik alston
photo: angie DTM

Malik Alston is one of Detroit's premier producers, performers, vocalists and improvisations. He produces without boundaries, often fusing a multitude of styles to create a new innovation in sound. Viewed as “one of Detroit’s hidden treasures” (Chris Rizik, SoulTracks.com), Malik has been compared to the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, and Roy Ayers. He has written and produced eight albums, four EP projects, and many singles and collaborations. His original music can be heard in the 2006-2008 Home Team campaign for the Southeastern Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Malik’s newest project This Music Is Life taps into the essence of his imagination, revealing a fusion of soul, jazz, funk and inspirational lyric – taking the listener on a soul-filled journey that is perfect, timeless and complete. Malik continues to be a creative vessel and convey passion in his music. His intoxicating blend of music for the future lets you move, explore and expand your horizons. This music is joy, this music is love, this music is reality - This Music Is Life. He has produced, written and collaborated with many artists including Painted Pictures, Baatin (Slum Village), Amp Fiddler, Al McKenzie, Roy Davis, Jr., Paul Randolph, No Milk, Javontte, Doc Link, Monica Blaire, Neco Redd, John Arnold, Brownstudy, The Godbrothers, and Recloose.

Malik has appeared from Miami to Japan. He has had the pleasure of performing with many artists including Painted Pictures, The Linwood Ensemble, Ortheia Barnes, Al McKenzie, Allan Barnes, Grammy-nominated Afropean soul group Les Nubians , Grammy-nominated jazz group Straight Ahead, Rejoice Community Choir, Slum Village, The Last Poets, Jessica Care Moore , and as a special guest with Grammy award-winning artist Louie Vega at Movement: 06. Malik has toured with Grammy-award winning artist Dwele.